Problem 1:

I go through all the steps to connect to wifi, but the sensor doesn’t ever show up as connected on

It could be wifi range. Even if your sensor is in the exact same spot where it connected to wifi before, the range may have decayed.

  1. Move the sensor closer to the router (or the router closer to the sensor), or improve the sensor’s line-of-sight to the router (e.g., make sure the signal path is not completely blocked by a brick or concrete wall).
  2. Bring the device that you are using to connect to the sensor as close to the sensor as you can. The device that you’re using to connect to the sensor might be your phone or laptop, whichever device you will use to navigate to
    If you’re using a desktop, bring the sensor to your desktop, and temporarily plug it in nearby. The idea is to have the sensor closer to your connecting device.
  3. Repeat the wifi connection steps at
  4. If the device still does not connect, leave it plugged in for a longer while, and check again. Some devices take longer.
  5. If the device still does not connect, try power cycling it, then leave it for a while, and check again.

Problem 2:

I can’t find the sensor’s wifi in my wifi list, so I can’t begin trying to reconnect.

Solution 2.1:

Try refreshing your wifi list. Most do not refresh automatically, or if they do, they refresh infrequently.

Solution 2.2:

Try waiting at least 5 minutes after you plug the sensor in. Then, check your wifi list. Some sensors take a while to switch back in to AP mode.